chairI’m a tragic dreamer who loves to get lost in movies and TV.  And when I get bored of Hulu or Netflix, I also love to curl up in bed and read a good book.  My tastes tend to lean towards the somber side.  I like stories that are dark and gritty.  Ones that will softly sing to my soul and weep through my heart like a haunted violin.

This site features book, TV, and movie reviews for everything angsty and intense.  Genres include Romance, Sci-Fi, Gothic, Mystery, Fantasy, and more. It also showcases a bit of my own writing.  One day, it’s my dream to write tons of romances that are a little off-kilter, just like me.  I want to write stories about strong female leads and dark stricken men who aren’t billionaires or jerks. I also like to dabble in a bit of Gothic poetry.

fireMusic is also a major part of my life. Sitting around the camp fire and listening to good tunes is one of my favorite ways to forget about the craziness of life and get lost in the flickering darkness. It sets the mood and gives you strength.  It seeps into your mind and lifts your soul.  I really do think it’s the key to eternal happiness.

Some of my favorite bands include Depeche Mode, Evanescence, Disturbed, and Birthday Massacre.

Cheers to entertainment and the artists who enrich our lives!