The Drop – Tom Hardy, Gandolfini

The first time I saw Tom Hardy was watching him play Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights on Amazon Prime:  I absolutely loved him in this role.  I thought he was sexy and dark.  Quiet yet capable of anything.

The next time I saw him was the other night in Mad Max.  He nailed the part of playing a post-apocalyptic captive too.

Now, after watching him star as Bob Saginowski, a lonely Brooklyn bartender, I truly believe this man can transform into anyone.

Bob is understated.  Simple.  He serves drinks to his tight-knit community along with his cousin Marv (Gandolfini), who used to own the bar until it was acquired by the Chechen mafia.  Despite the gangs and violence going on around him, Bob is a man who goes to church.  And he doesn’t consider himself to be ‘one of them.’

Walking home one night, he hears some whimpering coming from a trashcan behind one of the chain link fences.  Leaning over to lift the lid, he finds an adorable puppy inside, the poor little thing all bloody and abused.  When he opens the gate to get to the trashcan, a nervous woman steps out from her house to see what’s going on.  Nadia eventually lets the two inside and they clean the puppy up.  That night a slow, broken love story begins that gives me this Rocky Balboa/Adrian/pet store vibe that I really enjoyed.

After Cousin Marv’s bar is hit with a robbery, things get brutal pretty fast.  A warning for the squeamish, the mafia doesn’t seem to care too much about body parts and blood.  And you’ll worry about the well-being of that little pit bull the entire time.

Based on a short story called “Animal Rescue” and eventually written into a novel, this movie is full of twists and surprises.  As the story moves on, you see hints that Bob might not be so simple after all.  His character is honest, a bit self-righteous and very well played.  Although the story finishes off a little dark, it still offers up a happy ending.

This movie might not be 5 stars for me, but I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to see what Tom Hardy gets himself into next!


Mad Max – SteamPunk Action Packed Movie

My husband hates movies and most scripted TV shows.  It’s really rare that we can actually sit down and enjoy one together.  But we do watch a billion car shows at night like Fast N’ Loud with Richard and Aaron and Welder Up with Steve Darnell.  He’s really into cars so this was right up his alley.
His – not mine.  Sheesh.  I’m not saying I didn’t like this movie.  The visual effects were amazing.  The cars were totally cool and over the top.  Max was pretty cute, and Charlize Theron looked feminine and fierce playing the role of Imperator Furiosa – you go girl!  But the violence; holy crap.  I spent most of the movie worrying about the next gross scene coming up.  But that being said, it wasn’t too graphic, and most of the scenes that were literally flew by pretty quick.
The plot is basically this:  a bunch of steampunk type vehicles chase each other across the desert and lots of futuristic looking survivors of a post-apocalyptic world die in the process.  Or blow up.  Or play guitars with flames shooting out of the top.  With a whole lot of other weirdness thrown in between.
Ok so there’s a little more to it then that.  But not much.
I would say this is a guy flick for sure.  Not that some women won’t enjoy it…but even the semi-love story is somewhat lacking.  I don’t regret watching this, and recommend it to anyone into sci-fi, nonstop action and junkyard war machines with loud throaty engines.


Dracula Untold – Amazing Movie

I read Bram Stoker’s Dracula years ago, after seeing the movie with Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder.  It’s a movie I’ve watched again and again, and I didn’t think anything could come close to how much I loved it.

But Dracula Untold completely blew me away.  I had no idea what to expect after reading the short blurb on my DVR…and I’ve been over the whole Vampire thing for a while now.  Not to mention movies have been so gory and gross lately.

Approached from a completely different angle, this story isn’t about the old gray count tucked away in his castle who vants to suck urr blood.  This movie is about Vlad the Impaler, and the dark sacrifice he made to save his Kingdom.  Taken when he was little to serve for the Turkish army, Vlad has a painful, violent past.  After years of fighting, he’s finally settled down as the Prince of Transylvania…peaceful at last with his wife and son.  Until one day on a scouting mission they discover something evil.  Something deadly.

When the Turks demand 1,000 boys from his Kingdom, including his only son, Vlad visits that evil and makes a deal with the Devil:  his life to save his people.

Visually, this movie was brilliant and magical.  It’s a dark, gothic love story that ends with a beautiful twist.  It’s a tale about soulmates and honor.  About sacrifice and resisting unspeakable temptation. Luke Evans does an amazing portrayal of a powerful Dark Prince.  He’s sexy, believable and an amazing actor that made this movie both epic and unforgettable.